A Personal Account of WWII [ USS CHENANGO ]
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Welcome ...

I am R. Fischer, a Navy Veteran of WWII on an Aircraft Carrier U.S.S. CHENANGO. It is my hope that you discover my journals here and find them interesting as I share personal and historical accounts of
World War II.

Maybe we were on the same ship, or you were on one of those tin cans that gave us support. Or maybe you are a youngster learning about the war in school. For all of you here, I would like to welcome you to my website.

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About R. Fischer ...

I am the same patriotic, flag-waving kind of guy I was at eighteen. The big difference now is, as I write this, I am seventy-six years old. I have a wife of more than fifty-six years, she is my life line. She gives me courage and strength, and she gave me two wonderful children. A handsome son, and a beautiful daughter. They gave us seven fun, happy, playful grandchildren. Our cup runith over, and the saucer too. If you read my journals, you know how we met. Blind dates are always rocky. You know what they say. "All is well that ends well."

When we were young, we built several houses. I loved working with wood. All through my life it was fix this and fix that. I worked in the printing industry through my working years. Started out as some printers devil. I ran small medium, and large presses, eventually worked up to management, and eventually was the director of printing for a major university. My night school at the university payed off for my family. When I retired, I took up wood carving, and they said I got quite good at it. I would not call my work masters, but I was able to sell some pieces. The birds and poetry on this site are mine. I also took up golfing and all I will say on that is I played at the game. Arthritis in my hands put an end to my wood carving and guitar playing, and old age problems put a halt to my golfing. (Just when I had it figured out.)

It was then that I purchased a computer to fill in my lonely time. Then my daughter and I discussed about writing a story of my life on an air craft carrier. What the heck I had nothing but time so I started to write.

My daughter had built a family website, and put that story on it. Then came the poems. She displayed the poems, and even featured some of my wood carvings. Soon my grand kids got into the act. Now it is our family site.

My daughter again approached me and we talked about a website complete on W.W.II. I agreed that I would write vignette’s of all my experiences. (Almost all of them) This web site is the product of that idea. All of the credit belongs to her. My wife gave me inspiration. I wrote, and my daughter put it all together. There is a "PLEASE WRITE BACK FORM" we would like you to use. Let us know how you view the site, and if you want your stories posted here. We welcome your input, and "YOUR MEMORIES."

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R. Fischer
A Few Letters ...

July 28 2011
As a high school teacher, member of the NSDAR, and the granddaughter of an aviation machinist mate who served aboard the CHENANGO from Oct. 1943 - 1946, I am most inspired by your website. Thank you for preserving this glorious history.

I was referred to your site from a family member who knew I would be interested in learning more about the kind of life my grandfather shared while aboard ship. Regrettably, he passed away before I was aged five from a cancerous condition he developed shortly after he was seriously burned during the fire aboard the ship that you mentioned. Your site gives me a way of knowing more about him. Bless you!!!

May God bless this country with more fighting men and women who value the freedoms you and my grandfather fought so hard to preserve.
~Leah Ford-Sessum

Hi Leah,
Thank you for finding my site. It is gratifying that there are so many of the men I served with that have family that are interested in how it was on board Chenango. I wish that I could tell you that I knew your grand father, but I shared events with him, and we were always shipmates. The FIRE on Chenango is an event that I will never forget. (One of the worst days of my life.) I was 19 years old and am now 85. The events of that day still bring tears to my eyes. Without the efforts of so many heros, Chenango may have been lost. And than burial at sea. I was changed forever.

I am sorry to hear your grandfather was burned in that tragedy. Wish he could have talked with you about life on Chenango. It was my daughter who suggested that I write my stories, and she built the website. She knew that family members of the crew would be interested. She was correct.
~ R. Fischer

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Historical accounts of World War II, as told by a Navy Veteran of WWII on an Aircraft Carrier U.S.S. CHENANGO.